Amityville: The Postponing

I am so tired of waiting for the release of Amityville: The Awakening. It was supposed to be out tomorrow but the studio reportedly decided that an R rating for a horror movie that features killing and death and scary things is unacceptable in America. (thanks Donald). It has been pulled for edits to make it into a safe and snuggly PG-13 horror film which hardly ever ends well. The new release date is sometime in June and I am trying very hard to care at this point.

Oh who am I kidding…I’m seeing it.



Amityville Paperbacks

I first discovered the Amityville series by way of a worn paperback at my local library. Since then I’ve built quite a collection of worn Amityville paperbacks of my own. I had never run across the movie edition of Hanz Holzer’s Murder in Amityville until today. 

Hardbacks of this book are hard to come by, so I was thrilled to find this gem In pretty good shape for just 50 cents at an antique mall in Somerset, Kentucky. In addition to the photos of Ronnie and the 1977 visit by Ethel Myers this version has photos from the movie Amityville 2: The Possession. Its not worth anything as far as pop culture memorabilia goes, but it will go nicely on my Amityville shelf. 

Amityville finally Awakening

Amityville: The Awakening has been delayed more times than Hillary Clinton has been investigated for her emails. It is due out in the States on 1/6/17 but it looks like it will be opening overseas just before New Years. Check out this new poster.


I’m not sure what the ‘2’ is for exactly. Early on this movie was being touted as the first direct sequel to the 1979 film, so I’m guessing that makes this The Amityville Horror 2: The Awakening for fans abroad. I don’t care what number they slap on it as long as I get to see it.


Amityville Fun Land

A resourceful gentleman from England has started a GoFundMe page to raise the funds to buy the Amityville Horror House and open it to the public.


We want to buy the house and make it into an attraction. During most of the year the house will be open to the public for visits and as a B&B so people can spend this night in this haunted house.

During the Halloween period the house and the grounds will become home to the best Halloween attraction around.

This has been tried before, and the Amityville City Council shut it down pretty fast. The only way I could get behind an effort like this is if the house was moved somewhere else. I had a brilliant idea a while back for a horror themed amusement park where all the iconic horror houses from film and television could be recreated on one residential street, each housing its own uniquely themed haunted house attraction. The Amityville House could be dismantled and moved there.

It wouldn’t just be haunted houses though. Other areas of the park would feature other genres, like alien abduction movies, monster movies, etc. A new JAWS ride could open there, and Camp Crystal Lake could be an actual resort with cabins and so forth. Of course there would be an entire section for Stephen King, and a New Orleans street for all the vampires and voodoo queens. Fun for the entire family!

Considering he has raised 0$ since the campaign began three months ago I don’t think the city of Amityville has anything to worry about. Meanwhile I think I’ll start a GoFundMe for my horror theme park idea. 100 million should get me started, don’t ya think?

Amityville ’76

For all you gamers out there an indie company is working on a new game called Amityville 76. It takes place in the months after the Lutz family fled and focuses on the paranormal investigations made during the summer and fall of 1976.

I’m not much of a gamer but based on the photos I’ve seen of the house model they’ve been building I may have to buy this one.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.20.23 AM

“Explore a full recreation of the house and its grounds. Built using photo reference the game recreates as much detail as possible including furniture,wallpapers and items. You will be able to open every drawer and closet,examine items to discover the history of the house and visit the much talked about ‘red room’.”

You can follow the development over at their website:


Conjuring 2 gets A+ for accuracy

I have not seen The Conjuring 2 yet which is inexcusable given that it has a fairly significant connection to the Amityville story. The film opens with the seance Ed and Lorraine Warren  (played by Vera Farming & Patrick Wilson) performed at 112 Ocean Avenue in the months after the Lutz family fled in 1976. The Warrens then move on to England to investigate the Enfield Haunting. I was hoping that they made some effort to get the Amityville house right in this latest effort and it seems I won’t be disappointed.

Check out this pic of director James Waan in the set for Ronald DeFeo’s bedroom. Note the groovy wallpaper and then compare to the crime scene photo from 1974.



Pretty groovy right? I have to give props when a filmmaker makes an effort to get even the small details right.

For Sale: Horror House

The Amityville Horror house is on the market once again. For the low bargain price of 850K you can own a piece of history and have the most popular stop for Halloween on Long Island.


The listing doesn’t give us any new interior photos to obsess over but there are some great exterior shots. Enjoy.

Amityville: No Escape

A reader made me aware of yet another Amityville film in production. This one is called Amityville: No Escape. The trailer has a Blair Witchy kind of vibe which I can get into. It is directed by Henrique Couto and stars  Joni Durian,  Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt,  Allison Egan

In order to raise the authenticity to a thesis film on the topic of “fear” a group of friends camp in the woods of the most notorious town in America… AMITYVILLE.


Check out the trailer behind the cut…

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Amityville: Vanishing Point gets a trailer

Teen director Dylan Mars Greenburg has dropped the first trailer for his newest film Amityville: Vanishing Point and it is something to behold. Check it out.


Amityville: The Lost Reboot


A few years ago, before Amityville got “awakened” by Dimension another reboot was in the works entitled Amityville: The Lost Tapes. Rumors were flying on message boards about this film and what it would be about. One of the more popular ones involved a retelling of the infamous seance that took place in the home a few weeks after the Lutz family fled into the night. Tapes was to be written by Casey La Scala and Daniel Farrands. One of the directors, David Bruckner, recently spoke to Fangoria and revealed that was not the case at all. Their vision for the Amityville franchise was a bit more innovative and sounds like it could have been really fun. I would have loved to have seen their version.

The project was shelved however and Bruckner moved on. Dimension moved forward with Amityville: The Awakening instead, the release of which has been delayed numerous times. The new release date is January 2017.

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